Thanks for being patient...

Soon this space will be a place where I share my ideas on things ranging from running to theology, from embedded software to web interfaces. I want this to be a space where I can flesh out ideas and work on projects. For example, I'm interested to experiment with integrating my web presences like twitter and delicious in a way that adds value to the site. In short, I want to tinker.

I often find myself asking these questions on my own, but I'd like to publicize the journey, not so much to invite voyeurism, but to keep me honest. When I write about something, I'm confronted with the need for a well-developed thought process. I want to talk about what I'm reading. Hopefully my thoughts on web typography or the way race has impacted the development of Kansas City will be interesting, but for my own sake it will force me to chew on what I read and encourage me to develop critical opinions.

I'm sure this process will be slow, so please bear with me. Thank you for being patient.